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Technology in Tip-Top Shape

To keep your new technology performing at optimal levels, it’s important to have the right service agreement in place. IT solutions require regular updates and maintenance. If you do not have the time or resources in place, Kobaltek has your back. Though many IT service providers have one model they provide, we know you need flexible options. Pick the one that’s right for you and remove the worry of IT upkeep.

Flat-Rate Unlimited Services

We've all been hesitant by service agreements with seemingly variable costs. Sometimes, the numbers just seem arbitrary. Our flat-rate unlimited services eliminate that uncertainty by giving you a fixed, upfront pricing structure for all the service you need. If your IT department is small or nonexistent, this is a particularly appealing option.

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Maintenance Agreements

When your technology encounters an issue or needs an update, you can either fix it yourself or call for assistance. Doing it yourself can be a pain and full of uncertainty. Inversely, emergency IT outsourcing can get costly. Fortunately, adding a maintenance agreement from Kobaltek can save you from both scenarios. Our maintenance agreements give you total coverage. We also take care of routine updates and maintenance.

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Managed Security Services

With ever-changing business demands, ongoing compliance mandates and regularly threats to your network and data, it only makes sense to entrust your IT security to the experts. Kobaltek can effectively monitor security infrastructure to ensure optimal utilization of assets. Don’t go with a reactive approach to mitigating these risks; our proven security solutions can keep you proactive in addressing these concerns.

On-Demand or Project-Based

On-demand or project-based. On-demand agreements give you 24/5 coverage whenever you need it. It doesn’t have to be attached to any particular project. You need help, we deliver it. Project-based agreements give you coverage as part of a larger initiative. For example, if you wanted a new IT infrastructure covered for two years. We can roll up a service agreement as part of that larger project.


Hosting is something that many businesses are left to figure out on their own. A savvy IT team can line up hosting for websites or mail servers, but Kobaltek can just as easily handle that for you. Our unique relationship with partners like Amazon Web Services gives us extra advantages. Those benefits combined with not having to worry about hosting yourself makes hosting through Kobaltek a fantastic option.

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